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HERITAGE HIKES - Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 May 2018

This event was jointly presented by:
- Tea Tree Gully Heritage Museum
- Tea Tree Gully & District Historical Society
- Friends of Anstey Hill

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It gave an opportunity to explore historical landmarks within the heritage precinct of Tea Tree Gully with the choice of three different walks on each of two days.
Hear stories of village life including the butcher, baker and blacksmith.  Walk into Anstey Hill Recreation Park and encounter nature and stunning views while revealing history of the quarry and stone buildings.
Each walk was led by well-informed guides keen to showcase the area and lasted about two hours return. Cost was only $5.
Afterwards, Devonshire Tea was available and the Gift Shop stocked with unique craft back at the Tea Tree Gully Heritage Museum.

Unfortunately bookings were limited and over half of those who booked did not actually turn up for their hike - very disappointing for the guides who had researched their route!







Water Gully Walk

11:30 am

Anstey Hill Recreation Park GATE 6, Perseverance Road
(3 km south of Museum, opposite Janlyn Road)

Moderate level of fitness required

Visit Nursery ruins and hear the Newman story and history of this area from the 1850s to present day.
Sight plants from years gone by.

Steventon Village Walk

12 noon

Tea Tree Gully
Heritage Museum,
3 Perseverance Road

Easy, flat terrain

Hear some history of St Wilfred's Church, TTG Primary School, Memorial Drive, Angove's Distillery, Medcalf & Ebenezer Church, Walter Street, Institute, TTG Hotel, Council Chambers and Haines Memorial Park.

Query the Quarry Walk

12:30 pm

Tea Tree Gully
Heritage Museum,
3 Perseverance Road

Higher level of fitness required

Steam Mill, Ellis Cottage, some history of the Quarry and George Anstey, J. Opie, Rumps Bakehouse, Dunn's Cash Store .

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