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Junior Primary School visits

We invite you and your students to visit us so that we can work together to address many aspects of the National History Curriculum.

Students are introduced to the history of the building and local area, and are able to experience lifestyles in the 1850s to 1950s. Hands-on activities are included.


Email Gill Starks

Email Gill

Cost is $5.00 per child. Teachers and supervising adults are free.

Bookings must be made at least four weeks prior.

Lifestyle Videos

Our volunteers demonstrate typical lifestyles in Tea Tree Gully in the late 1800s.

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Self Guided Walking Tour (off-site)

The Museum exists within the historic Tea Tree Gully Township - originally Steventon.

Folders are available for a self-guided walking tour of historical sites within easy walking distance.

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Our volunteers look forward to running two of the following modules:

Candelight Living *

Commence in kitchen, talk about living with no electricity, try some hands on chores. Move upstairs to bedroom and talk about no running water, try some hands-on activities in parlour and children’s nursery.

Rub and Scrub

Commence by water tank, move to laundry, hands on scrubbing, wringing, using dolly pegs and irons, then a visit to the old dunny.

School Days *

What was school like in the old days?
What subjects did the students study?
How tricky was it writing in cursive lettering?
Have a try on our chalk boards.

Pioneers to Producers

Commence in the Slab Hut and discover what the early settlers brought from their homelands. What was shopping like in those early days and how did the local baker go about his work? The module includes completing our new take-home worksheet.
This module includes a take home worksheet.

NOTE: Two indoor modules (marked with *) cannot be run at the same time.

School staff will supervise:

Old Time Games

Notes will be sent to the teacher prior to visit. This activity will be easily interpreted with signs and all equipment needed.

Booking information

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