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Junior Primary and Primary School visits


Gill Starks (08) 8251 3499

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Mon, Wed and Fri are available for schools.

Cost is $5.00 per child. Teachers and supervising adults free. Extra adults $5.00 each.

Bookings must be made at least three weeks prior.


Please refer to the list of modules that can be booked. A maximum of three modules is suggested. Each module takes 20 minutes, plus 5 minutes for moving from area to area.

On arrival the class will be given an introduction to the history of the Tea Tree Gully Heritage Museum - establishment, how it has been used, brief history of the local area including Steventon, brief history of William Haines, local pioneer.

Inside activities are suitable for one class at a time, with small groups moving through the building.

Please divide your class into groups of not more than eight children before arrival and ensure that at least one adult is available to accompany each group.

Please try to be punctual and contact the Museum if there is a problem with your arrival time.

Toilets are available via the garden area.

The Museum expects that DECD guidelines on supervision ratios of adults to students will be met by the school group.

Volunteer Museum guides are on duty during designated class activity times. Pine Park and Haines Memorial Park (opposite) are available for your use outside tour times.

Modules Provided by Volunteer Guides

1. Family life
- a tour of upstairs showing rooms displayed as the bedroom, office, sitting room, nursery and dining room. Talk about how people managed without electricity, bathroom, roles of family members and changes in technology.

2. Post Office and Hotel
- downstairs rooms, including kitchen and main room, how these services were provided in the building and what remains today.

3. Outside garden area
- talk and hands on experiences about washing day, outside dunny, water pump.

4. Slub Hut to Food Bowl
- exhibition of Old Steventon - slab hut, shops, agriculture and dairy.

5. Outside games
- quoits, horseshoes, hooky, Queenie (ball game).

6. Blacksmith shop
- work of blacksmith and wheelwright, tools, machinery.

7. Historic school room
- marching, saluting the flag, chalkboards, cursive writing, classroom behaviour and learning styles.

8. Hoe to Harvest
- agriculture, childhood on a farm, implements, hands-on.

9. Dairy
- where do we get milk from? milking a cow, products, separating cream, making butter, delivering milk locally, selling to factories.

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Lifestyle Videos

Our volunteers demonstrate typical lifestyles in Tea Tree Gully in the late 1800s.

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Self Guided Walking Tour (off-site)

The Museum exists within the historic Tea Tree Gully Township - originally Steventon.

Folders are available for a self-guided walking tour of historical sites within easy walking distance.

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Museum Discovery Trail (on-site)

A new Discovery Trail, completely within the Museum grounds, is ready for visitors in 2017.

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