The Museum exists within the historic Tea Tree Gully Township - originally Steventon.

Folders are available for a self-guided walking tour of historical sites within easy walking distance. The complete walk can take up to one hour but can be tailored.

Notes provide a brief historical backgound to the places visited.

If two classes are present, one class can see the Museum while one walks the tour, and then swap over.

Activity sheets are available with relevant questions for students. (Click on title to view a copy.)

1.  Old Highercombe Hotel

2.  Dunn's Cash Store

3.  Rump's Bakery

4.  Ellis cottage

5.  The Steam Flour Mill

6.  Pine Park and Anstey Hill

7.  The Council Chambers

8.  Tea Tree Gully Hotel

9.  Haines Memorial Park / Perseverance Road

10. St Wilfred's Church